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Ann Faison

I am an artist, writer and life-long student of the grieving process. 

Mourning a great loss, painful as it is, also presents an opportunity for positive growth and often, creative work. For me, writing helps move emotions through. After a stillbirth in 2005, I wrote Dancing with the Midwives, which you can find here. Currently, I am hard at work on a novel about adolescent grief.

We all suffer losses throughout our lives, each of them unique experiences, many of them healed with time. Then there are the life-altering deaths that demand our full attention, sometimes years after the fact. The loss of a child, a parent, a partner, even a pet, a job, a marriage, or a friend can be too much to manage. We need support to get through it. Sometimes we need strategies and help.

To set up a session please email, text or call Ann.  323-788-3564

So many people in this world will tell you that they are ‘there for you,’ but most people just don’t have the capacity to hold grief in all its depth and color. It’s such a rare gift, and in Ann’s case, it seems to exist without effort or limitation. I don’t know where I’d be without her help. Ann helped me move forward by giving me the space and support to find my own true way — no prescriptions or cookie-cutter answers — just space and time to find the answers from within. These are gifts that last forever.
— Jean